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Post by Twitch on Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:03 am

Well, I came online, and comsidered having a rant in the form of offline messages via IM, but I thought,
"Hey, let's kickstart PP with some good old fashion crying to the readers."
Anywho, right now, I'm in a downward spiral of depression, not because my step dad just called me a "Turkish Tomato Picker"...But... Because last night, I was deep in thought...

*Stares out, dreamily*

"Remember the days we you'd play the Atari for hours, Sammy? Remember playing Mothership and jumping like mad when you finished it? Remember that Easter your Dad came to visit and brang the Super Nintendo? You spent hours on that thing. You always had..."

...This got me thinking.

"The SNES... My SNES... I want it. Now."

Straight away, I sent a text message to my father, (Sweet, sweet, mobility of communication) simply stating...

"Hey, where's the Super Nintendo? I'm really wanting it!"

I sat back, and eagerly awaited my reply. But, when it came through, I was simply heartbroken...

"I thought you had it."

Where was it?! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!!
Turns out, he left it with his ex girlfriends kids....
*Holds back tears*
....And they... They... Moved to the NT....

All my games. All my HOURS of GAMING. Gone.
I sat in the car as my mum drove to the Local Supermarket, and stared out the window,

"Mario. Gone. Luigi. Gone. Yoshi! And Donkey Kong! And Diddy and Dixie and Cranky and Bowser..."

*Sighs* How I miss my French version of Yoshi's Island... I spent ages looking for that game, and finally when my Dad found it for me, he sent it in the mail, and it turned out to be all in French... I was learning French in school at the time, so I saw myself as pretty cool; I could say things like, Flower, and Game Over. Those were pretty familiar to me...
I miss Parodius... That whimsical game with the flying penguins... and the lady that looked like a stripper; you had to go under her legs to get to the end of the course, and it was very tedious. Such a pretty, colourful, fucked up game. I loved it.
Mario Paint. I MISS MARIO PAINT. I was amazed with the fact I could make an animation... I think the first thing I did was make a fish swim. High tech stuff.
Fuck man, I even miss that crazy Micheal Jordan basketball game! You went around killing zombies with different coloured basketballs and stuff... Come to think of it, why did us kids even know who he was? We didn't follow NBA...

But, my thoughts didn't stop there. I went on thinking about my first Gameboy. It was yellow and blue -Pokémon Edition, of course - with Jigglypuff, Meowth, and Pikachu on it. It was the bee's freakin' knees.
I got it when I was four, for Christmas, and played Pokémon Pinball for hours. *Sighs* Pokémon Pinball... The rumble feature... It was all... So... "OHMYGOSH!"
Yeah, I even miss the crack in the screen, where my father dropped it...

"Hey, what happened to the 64?"
...I'll have to call my step brother about that.

I miss playing Melee... I miss my Gamecube... And for those who don't know it, I smashed my Gamecube.
Literally. (Footage will be up on YouTube when I get around to it ^-^)

And and and...
I really...
...Want a Wii.

And now I think about it, we never owned a NES.
Oh well, we had the Atari.
And a Sega.

*Sighs* The Megadrive...
Good times...

Plus, still to this day, Atari makes me think of Vatari, which is a kind of Sorbet...
Mmmm, sorbet...

Okay, too much thinking about my SNES.
I think I'm going to cry...
...I need chocolate...

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Post by Troypod on Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:23 am

...I still want a SNES and a NES...
I WILL find them.
I WILL buy them.
I WILL own them.
I WILL complete my collection..

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